Friday, May 20, 2011

Bienvenidos, y de nada

It's me again, dear beloved broad readership. Yes, it's DF, the ever-itinerant wanderlusting soul who has brought so much joy in the past with blogs such as DF in Mitteleuropa, DF in Deuschland: World Cup 2006, and DF Revisits Mitteleuropa.

This year of Our Lord 2011, DF will be changing up the Germanic theme of previous travelblogs, and heading due-ass south, to glorious Argentina, land of the Pampas and Peron, of Malbec and Maradona, of Tango and Cash.

The occasion: I'll be co-teaching a course on international copyright for a law school summer study-abroad program. I will be saying virtually nothing about this, as this blog is to be devoted almost entirely to the classic DF travel experience, and not the workaday details that will sustain (and bankroll) my visit to the antipodes.

Departure for the six-week sojourn will happen soon, amigos: Sunday, May 22, and no I'm far from ready to leave. I've been so swamped with work &c that I've hardly had a chance to sort out the most basic travel details that are necessary for the trip. In the more distant past, I've prepared somewhat more intensely for such trips, but have recently found it's better to just throw stuff in a bag and get on the road. There's an apartment and a big city waiting for me down in Buenos Aires, and these things are more fun on the fly, anyhow.

So strap in, readers, for what will inevitably be a journey full of joy and merriment, replete with hilarious attempts to make myself understood in my still-not-great-after-so-many-damn-years-of-working-on-it Spanish, animated conversations about international soccer, self-electrocutions thanks to dodgy international power outlets, unfettered US-nationalism, reports on haute-cuisine-induced nausea, and all the high-quality entertainment you've come to expect from a classic DF travelblog.

Oh, and what's that, you say? You're overwhelmed with gratitude that I would, at no charge, provide a magical window onto yet another summer of DF abroad-going? Well, say nothing of it, broad readership. If there's one thing DF loves, it's Twinkies slathered with a hearty helping of umami-rich vegemite. But besides that, if there's anything else DF loves, it's watching reruns of ALF until three-thirty in the damned AM. But besides both of those things, if there's anything else DF still loves, it's bringing joy to others via the written word. So while it may be hard to believe, this blog will bring me almost as much pleasure as it will bring you to read it. So, you're welcome, readers. Que comence la nueva aventura!