Saturday, June 25, 2011

Graffiti in La Boca

I learned from one of my intensive-Spanish teachers yesterday that the reason graffiti proliferates (and is pretty appealing and well-executed) here in Bs As is that it's more or less legal, depending on the place (i.e., you can mark up the side of an industrial building or abandoned fence but not someone's house).

So for the next stop on the DF porteno graffiti tour (earlier versions here and here), behold this wall art I photographed while strolling down the surprisingly Anglo-sounding blvd "Brandsen" in exploring la Boca district of Buenos Aires.

This inscrutable and vaguely disturbing graffito features various evil-looking sprites apparently drinking and cavorting and, as the case may be, eating humans alive. Hey, look, that cute little cuddlebug over on the left just decapitated somebody!

Not a graffito as such, this is a taller de imprenta (print shop) with some images of historical printers featured on its retractable doors.

Can't tell if this one represents a very early printing press or instead the pre-Gutenberg illumination of manuscripts by monks.

And this one is also on a retractable door but is a representation of life in la Boca, with tango dancers in the right corner, dockworkers loading up a boat on the Riachuelo in the middle, and some gentleman I don't recognize off in the left.

A la Bombonera!